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Speeches are meant to inspire. Donald Trump’s inaugural speech inspired me to resist Trump. His anger, his incompetence, his vision of America, his weird too-long tie fashion. All of it.

I’m glad the inauguration is over. I’m glad the peaceful transition of power has happened.

I believe we can hold multiple perspectives. I respect the office of the President. I have no respect for our new President.

I will not wait and see what he does, because he’s already repeatedly demonstrated who he is.

He thrives on ugly conflict, he blatantly lies with astounding regularity, he is at best guilty of laughing about sexual assault and quite possibly guilty of the actions themselves. He is riddled with conflicts of interest, he’s nominated a cabinet designed to tear apart the departments they’re supposed to lead, and he and/or his staff are currently under investigation for colluding with a foreign power.

Over the years, I’ve tried to be relatively gentle about politics as I make my way through my life and career as a weird little comedy person. I value being open-minded and hearing other perspectives.

I’ve been open-minded. I’ve heard Trump’s perspective and I reject it.

I think it’s important to speak and act. And I think it’s all valuable. Petitions, protests, marches, calling legislators, sharing legitimate news, making jokes, and even posting dumb pop culture memes.

I value the right of self-expression. I’m a comedy guy who likes pop culture. We tell stories not just for entertainment but for inspiration on how to approach the challenges of the real world.

For my personal self-expression, this Star Wars sticker on my calendar represents my plans for 2017.

I hope for the best, I attempt to remain positive, keep a sense of humor, listen to the voices of the people most threatened by the actions of the new administration, and when necessary, join the resistance.


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3 Responses to Join The Resistance

  1. Mike Leamy

    I’m with the resistance.

  2. Chris Traynor

    Cool observations – really enjoy the Frankenstein Monster connection – spot-on. Is there any way you could express your participation in the resistance in a way that doesn’t lean toward “when I’m really angry?” You know, the “as necessary” part at the end? I kinda think you’re either part of the resistance or not – in between sorta sucks.

    PS – I know you didn’t really mean it that way but given the tendency for ideas to be watered down as they’re “whispered down the line” (that old game where kids whispered a message in the ear of the kid next to them – and so on and so on until the end when you learn that “I don’t want to play outside now” became “There are giants jacking it on my lawn.”

  3. Tricia Navarro

    Please put me down for a 4 year membership in The Resistance™. I understand I can leave The Resistance™ at any time, but will forfeit my self-respect and dignity if I leave before the 4 years has ended.
    For an extra S&H charge, PLEASE RUSH MY MEMBERSHIP!

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