“I am glad that Joseph Scrimshaw has the power of thought and audible speech, or else this very funny album would not exist.”
-John Hodgman


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FLAW FEST is a live comedy album full of fun comedy jokes about horrible human flaws PLUS a bonus album of awesome songs inspired by the comedy show.

The comedy album details Joseph’s horrible flaws: a sloth driven obsession to play bad James Bond video games, a stubborn need to fight with large animals, the idiocy to drink something called a Watermelon Shooter, the hubris to write a rock n’ roll song about a helium balloon, and much more. Plus a cameo by Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy of RiffTrax!

The music album features new songs by Paul & Storm, Molly Lewis, Bill Corbett, The Sevateem, John Roderick, John Munson, The Doubleclicks, Kevin Murphy, Mike Phirman, The Dregs, and Joseph himself.

“Listen, we all have our own ‘I french kissed a bear’ stories.
But Scrimshaw’s is really funny.”

-Jonathan Coulton


One of the reward levels for the Kickstarter campaign that made Flaw Fest possible was a series of short comedy videos. Backers suggested flaws.

In the first video, Joseph proves he’s not self-involved by asking you questions about ham, love, and My Little Pony. Enjoy!

In the second video, Joseph tackles the crippling flaw of Kickstarter Addiction by launching a new Kickstarter campaign.

In the third video, Joseph deals with the inability to remember people’s names or faces. You know, like that one guy you know. With the face and the shirt. That guy.

In the fourth video, Joseph wrestles with indecision and uses the word “hump” a lot.

In the fifth and final flaw video Joseph races head first into perversion.

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