Like all good comedians, Joseph does a lot of podcasting.

OBSESSED with Joseph Scrimshaw on Feral Audio

Joseph’s podcast, OBSESSED, is about liking things a lot. Maybe too much. Each episode guests join Joseph to share their obsessions with Star Wars, Knitting, Pro-Wrestling, Cats, and everything in between.

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Obsessed has been featured on iTunes as “New & Noteworthy” and a “Staff Favorite.” Guests have included Wil Wheaton, Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, John Scalzi, Trace Beaulieu, Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, Jeremy Messersmith, Paul Cornell, Bonnie Burton, many random audience volunteers, and a plethora of charming, funny, obsessive human beings.

Force Center

Joseph has teamed up with Screen Junkies’ producer, Ken Napzok, for a Star Wars podcast feed. It’s one feed that provides multiple shows including the main Force Center show, Joseph’s Databank Brawl, Ken’s Spotlight Star Wars, and Jennifer Landa’s The Jedi Beat. You can check out all the episodes here.


Joseph visited to discuss Dan Harmon’s obsession with Pantyhose and Coconuts. With a side of suits and squirrels. You can listen here!

Bunker Buddies 

Who doesn’t love a good apocalypse? I joined this episode to talk about the joy of resource management in the face of zombie hordes! Listen here!

Getting On With James Urbaniak

Joseph has been involved with several episodes of Mr. Urbaniak’s smart, funny, inventive podcast.

In this Halloween special written by Joseph, James plays a man who is both a WEREWOLF and an ASSHOLE. It’s called “Restraint.”

Joseph wrote and guest starred in “The Smart Thing.” Find out what happens after James is killed during the Google Wars and uploaded to Joseph’s phone. Hint: It’s surprisingly sexy.

Joseph also wrote the episode “Death by Fire.” James is trapped in a hotel wrestling with the horrors of language, mortality, and pony awards.

The Dork Forest

Jackie Kashian’s amazing podcast about dorking out! Joseph defends the Star Wars prequels, has strong words about Batman, and comedy theory!

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction

Joseph tells a filthy tale of a lonely 35 year old Harry Potter on this awesome Nerdist Industries podcast from Bryan Cook!

Jordan Jesse Go!

Joseph had a nice chat with host Jordan Morris and guest Emmy Blotnick about heat, Dragon Con, Craigslist, and health creams. Enjoy here!


Joseph haunted the Fitzgerald Theater as Chauncey, the Theater Ghost, in this episode of Wits.

Fire Talk With Me

Joseph joins hosts Allison Goertz and Jeremy Smith for an in-depth discussion of an early Season Two episode of Twin Peaks. SPOILER: James acts dumb in this episode.

5 Truths and a Lie

An awesome, no holds barred storytelling podcast that is full of truth and at least one lie. Joseph told a story about terrifying nuns for this episode recorded live at Dragon*Con. You can listen to the whole podcast featuring Joseph, Veronica Belmont, Brad Bell, Jane Espenson, Phil LaMarr, and James Urbaniak here. Or you can listen to Joseph’s story as a single here!

Geek Girl Authority

Geek Girl Authority is a great site full of articles, news, commentary, and podcats about all things geek.

Joseph had the honor of being the first guest on the new podcast Kneel Before Aud!

Joseph also appeared on the second episode of Poll Cats to debate which fictional sci-fi universe would be the best or worst in real life!

Josh A. Cagan’s Like I’m An Idiot

Joseph appeared on Josh’s excellent podcast to discuss the finer points of comic theory and moo like a cow at least three times.

Star Wars Minute

Joseph was a guest for five episodes of this awesome podcast that discusses the original Star Wars trilogy minute by minute. Joseph starts at Minute 81 of Empire Strikes Back landing on Bespin and ending with Luke’s long, slow departure from Dagobah.

Joseph also joined Tony Thaxton and Matt Belknap live at NerdMelt in LA for this searing analysis of The Stars Wars Episode of The Muppet Show.

And this discussion of insane, vintage Star Wars commercials.

Nerdist Writer’s Panel

Joseph was one of many writers on this special episode of the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast. The episode was hosted by Bill Corbett and recorded live on Jonathan Coulton’s JoCoCruiseCrazy. A conversation in this episode also inspired Joseph’s series of daily tweet about tacos.

Feliz Navipod

On Tony Thaxton’s awesome podcast it is ALWAYS CHRISTMAS. Joseph shared a special memory of getting a drum cymbal and a roll of cash from his grandma. Merry Christmas!

Len Peralta’s Geek-A-Week

Joseph is featured in Len Peralta’s podcast and trading card series Geek-A-Week. Enjoy Joseph’s episode!

A Bit of a Chat

Expert interviewer and raconteur Ken Plume had Joseph on his podcast for a brief two hour chat or a breezy hour and fifteen minutes.

Paul and Storm Talk About Things For Five to Ten Minutes on Average

Joseph played the role of Ed McMahon for this live podcast which also features Paul F. Tompkins, king of all podcasts. Enjoy the HEYYY-OOOO!

Drinking With Geeks

Joseph sometimes appears on a podcast about booze and passionate geek debate called Drinking With Geeks. Every episode features a different drink and absurd, geek conversation and conjecture.

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