A sample of Joseph’s comedy stylings culled from the vaults of YouTube. You can also subscribe to Joseph’s YouTube Channel here. To buy or listen to Joseph’s comedy albums, check them out on bandcamp.

Joseph shares some terrifying adventures in THE BAR CRAWL HORROR recorded on Jonathan Coulton’s JoCoCruise 3.

Joseph reveals his deep feelings about Batman in this clip from his superhero themed show SUPER ISSUES. Recorded live at CONvergence 2013.

Joseph addresses his Netflix issues.

Joseph swears about eggs in this tale of a horrible commercial audition for the poultry council.

Mr. Wil Wheaton was Joseph’s unplanned volunteer for the audience interactive piece STAR TREK: OREGON TRAIL performed on JoCoCruiseCrazy 2.

At w00stock 4.0 during the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Joseph performed “Star Wars as Tweets” and a true story about poor judgment and a bear. The story is called “Wife Head.”

Joseph has also appeared on Geek & Sundry’s hit show, Tabletop.

Joseph used to write and host WTFark, a daily weird news show. Here’s an investigation of a monkey cult.

And another WTFark about a terrifying cat billboard.

A WTFark episode about a nude burglar. WARNING: Contains a naked Spock mobius strip.

From CONvergence 2011, Joseph’s fantasy sketch ponders what would happen if Dumbledore was in charge of telling Frodo what to do with the ring. Co-starring Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy.

Joseph also has a talk with Paul and Storm about the birds and the bees at CONvergence 2011. Joseph plays Robin the Man-Boy Wonder. Storm plays Superman. Paul IS Batman.

Also at CONvergence 2011, Joseph improvises a presentation based on Powerpoint slides he has never seen before in a game called Powerpoint Karaoke. He also tries to flash the judges, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy.

In the far distant past of 2005, Joseph wrote and starred in an H.P. Lovecraft comedy sketch entitled “Antiques Roadshow: Arkham.”

More to come!