Pop pop pop! Tom Reed (actor, comedian, charmer, partner of Anna Weggel aka “Napping Nancy” from our Batman episode) is obsessed with two ALMOST violent topics: Nerf Blasters and Competitive Speech. Thrill to such questions as: Can you hurt a baby with a Nerf Blaster? Is it fun to make people cry? Is Nerf a good analogy for modern masculinity? Can Tom do a minute long informational speech on Hacky Sacks? Enjoy this and much more in a fun hour of “bridled masculinity” with Tom and Joseph!

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2 Responses to NERF and COMPETITIVE SPEECH: Obsessed Ep 43

  1. Lilias Jarding

    At least one of Tom’s “hippie parents” really enjoyed this.

  2. I’m thrilled. He’s a great guy. He played with his Nerf Guns in my house and didn’t break a lamp or anything.

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