DC Comics artist, the charming and witty Christopher Jones, is our guest as we challenge three comedians to prove they would be the best sidekick for Obsessed. Sam Landman (guest on the Star Wars episode of Obsessed) brings insight, explicit language, and t-shirts; Mike Fotis (aka Italian Santa Claus) displays startling breath control and lack of ambition; and Andy Kraft (the puppetmaster of Episode 2) does some sudden audio cosplay. There are a few audio glitches at the top of the podcast balanced out by the first ever post-credits Obsessed Easter Egg! Also, a lot of literal squealing. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to SIDEKICK CHALLENGE: Obsessed Ep 19

  1. I would really like to see the video of this, if you have one

  2. Rhian–Thanks for asking about video. Unfortunately, we don’t take any video of the podcast, but Christopher Jones does have a few photos over on his Tumblr site. Thanks for listening.

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