JANE AUSTEN: Obsessed Ep 23

Pride, prejudice, and prurient thoughts of wet Colin Firth abound in our JANE AUSTEN extravaganza! Joseph is joined by obsessive Jane Austen fans, writer/comedian Shanan Custer and theater artist Craig Johnson. PLUS Sam Landman, winner of the Obsessed Sidekick Challenge, knows nothing about Jane Austen, but shares what he thinks his wife thinks.¬†We discuss Jane’s work as it relates to zombies, Han Solo, the stupid f’ing Bronte sisters, LARPing, and the concept of obsession itself. Plunge your ears into the audio pond like Mr. Darcy in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice!

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4 Responses to JANE AUSTEN: Obsessed Ep 23

  1. Cetius d'Raven

    I’m amused that the LARPing at James J Hill house came up (again?). The funny for me is that I was likely one of those LARPers and we did, indeed, go to Perkins.

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