ROLE-PLAYING: Obsessed Ep 33

On his birthday, Joseph indulges his obsession with Role-Playing Games by playing “Wizards & Whatever” with funny, charming people who mostly know nothing about RPGs! Join special guests comedian Shanan Custer (who previously appeared on our Jane Austen episode), comedian Jim Robinson (who previously appeared on our Existential Dread episode), singer/actor Dennis Curley, and co-producer of the podcast Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw on an adventure called “The Time Scooper of Bat-Raven Tavern.” Monsters are killed, dice are rolled off the table, the sexual appeal of plumbers is called into question, hilarity/adventure/swearing/senseless violence ensues! Enjoy!

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5 Responses to ROLE-PLAYING: Obsessed Ep 33

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  2. Rob III

    I’ve been a regular listener, but this is definitely my favorite episode! I went back and listened again. Very, very funny. Can teaching Role-Playing to new groups of people be a regular feature???

  3. Just getting into this podcast. bwahahaha! Did you give these guys alignments? Cause they were crazy chaotic. Super fun.

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