RPG Geek Survey for Obsessed

Dear friends of the geek persuasion, the geek curious, and fans of the Obsessed podcast:

This Saturday, August 17th, I’m doing a live recording of my podcast Obsessed. (If you’re local to Minneapolis and want to attend, you can get info and tickets here.)

August 17th also happens to be my birthday, so I decided to gather some of my favorite humans and do an episode of the podcast about one of my favorite topics: Role Playing Games.

I’m looking for feedback from other gamers, so here are two questions. Feel free to answer in the comments section or tweet your answers to me on the twitters. You can find me here. Use the hashtag #RPGsurvey

Question one:
Why do you love Role Playing Games?

(I’m looking for honest, funny, pithy answers I can read at the top of the podcast.)

Question two:
What is your favorite and/or most hated Role Playing trope or stereotype?

(I’m playing a made-up mini-game with my guests during the show and I want to build in some tropes!)

Thanks for your time and your answers, friends. I’m off to role up some characters for the victims–I mean, players in my mini-game!


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