Squirrels and streetcars! Two obsessions that go great together in this podcast! Recorded live at the sci-fi/fantasy convention CoreCon, Joseph drew two random guests and got a married couple! Therapist Sherry Merriam is obsessed, like Joseph, with squirrels and author Michael Merriam is obsessed with streetcars. Topics include squirrel underwear, Hitler’s listening skills, sex on Tuesday at 8:45, and the similarities between public transportation and the Fellowship of the Ring. There’s some fuzz on the mics from a fast set-up at a con. Such is the challenge of live podcasting! Enjoy!

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2 Responses to SQUIRRELS and STREETCARS: Obsessed Ep 28

  1. Thanks so much for having us on the podcast! It was definitely one of the highlights of the convention for me. When that Michael Bay squirrel movie comes out, let me know when you’re ready to go be horrified together.

    And thanks for always cracking me up. We’ll see you at the show this Saturday!

  2. Maddy

    Lots of fun! It was great being there, I’m a big fan. Fun episode, the quality was a bit iffy, but understandable. Hope to get to another live podcast one day!

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